its service in the local newspaper. Motivation is a two-way street. Well, I don’t know how complicated that question is to you, with this guide, I’ll cover how to best answer the what motivates you to interview question. Get clear on your goals. I truly enjoy reading, researching, and being taught about these subjects. I know a “good” teacher is a somewhat broad term, but I’ve been lucky to get mostly “good” teachers throughout my education. BY Welcome, students! i enjoy knowing. However, what motivates you now may change (slightly or drastically) as you progress into your medical studies. I will still do the assignment, but only because I have to, not because I want to, or am motivated to. Give them goals and reward them, letting them know that natural smarts don’t matter. It will give you access to exclusive insights on how specific schools are a fit (or not) for your student’s learning needs. The main point is, I am motivated by learning because L enjoy it and it will also help me in the long run. Badges: 20. If I don’t make it, well, that’d be pretty devastating. I also like to have to have the option to work independently at my own pace because most of my motivation comes from myself. AKSHITA CHAUHAN(BBA/4528/10) Trying to thing too much about the end results, and wondering how the subject could possibly be more fun. Though you are young and may not feel you have a voice or you can make a difference, you are the most important voice of all, for it is truly all about you, and you have to help change the narrative and believe that you can help move the needle and change education. i pay attention because i want to know. I am motivated to learn by my future. implement. There are so many things going on in the world that people do every day and in school we just wont learn. For example, learning about mitosis/meiosis in Biology didn’t exactly interest me. My future depends on how hard I work and how serious I take my education. Your work should include a definition of motivation and the expected So, first of all, try to understand yourself and do not feel guilty for that. I recognise myself in what you are saying, I’m in highschool now, but I live in Sweden. Also when people believe in me, especially role models like teachers, motivates me to do the best I possibly could be. If I don’t have good grades, people judge. And when I am genuinely interested in a subject I’m more interested in what is happening and what I’m learning. Throughout my years of schooling I have had many great teachers, also many teachers who make me not wanna do any work. I've asked this question a LOT as a recruiter and heard a variety of answers, good and bad. Are you applying for a position that you’ll want to excel at or are you just there for a paycheck? To become a prospective manager, we should know the important of motivation, how to motivate the employees effectively. I am motivated to learn when the subject is new and of interest to me, instead of something that has been reviewed many times before or is being taught in a similar fashion in another class. Using technology. "Theory...... ...A STUDY ON EFFECT OF EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION ON EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE OF HYDERABAD INDUSTRIES LIMITED, THRISSUR i do it ’cause i want to. Find out how to tackle this tricky graduate job interview question and what employers really want to find out when they ask it. Having a good teacher that is patient and teaches well is helpful and motivates me. Mayo helped draw attention to the importance of the social beings and how managers who use good human relations can improve worker productivity. And in order to do that I have to maintain good grades. of the business has asked you to develop a Motivational Programme for her to Maslow developed a hierarchy of needs: physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization, to see what motivates people. Also my friends and family really do push me to do my best. that’s a bit of a tough question that can be asked in many ways. I love to learn because i’ve always enjoyed knowing how things work, or how to do them. What does not motivate me is a demanding workload, because then I am just pushing through to get everything done instead of actually analyzing and thinking about the material. A subject that is boring, or a teacher that isn’t very good at teaching what they teach, does not motivate me to learn because if they’re not good at teaching, how am I supposed to be good at learning. Before this year, I have never truly enjoyed learning about history. Something that motivates me to learn is making the lesson really fun and bring jokes into it. How can you motivate your teenager to study? Fun helps us look forward to the class and more excited to engage and do the work. i enjoy learning. CHAPTER 3 OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE OF THE STUDY Your words matter. Video: watch our vloggers direct from campus . Sometimes, if I’m actually interested in something, I motivate myself to learn. II. When I am excited about whatever it is the teacher is talking about, then yes I am motivated by it. OMARI RAHA SHEDRACK When i think the process is actually purposeful and when i want to get the end result. What motivates me to learn is not only the knowledge gained, but the individualism that arises inside, to show that as you learn things in history, language arts, etc., you also learn things about yourself. The human relation movement proposes that better human relations could increase worker productivity. As a student, what motivates me to learn would either be where I set a goal for myself-like going to a certain college, taking specific classes for what I want to do as a career or even as simple as a grade on a semester test- or looking at others success in that particular subject. A student is only as great as the one who taught them. Motivation is tricky to maintain long-term but in the short-term a few motivational and inspirational quotes can be just what you need. I have to have a passionate teacher who wants ALL their students to succeed. Its tiring and stressful. A Level After reading the Tesco case study, students are given the following OMARI RAHA SHEDRACK It’s really cool to think that there is a whole other part of the world that speaks that language. I’m motivated to learn when I know that whenever I am learning will have positive effects on my life in the future. When we ask for more real life learning not word problems in math like “you are diving at 75 miles per hour and someone else is driving at 35 miles per hour when will you meet in the center?” that is nice to know but I, as well, would much rather spend time learning how to do taxes then have to spend money on someone else with the job I don’t know how to get. My good grades are a must because of what i want to be in the future. For example, right now I am thinking about metric conversions and lab reports, not what motivates me. Its more so, I’m forced to learn the stuff they teach me because without it I would go no where in life. The thing that motivates me to learn is knowing that the things I do today and within the next couple years will help me be able to have super neat experiences in the future. Do not study on bed as they are not meant for Studying. When they are interested in a topic or lesson, I become focused and motivated as well. I am also motivated by things that I find genuinely interesting or am passionate about. Please join the conversation. Another thing that motivates me as a student is when i understand what the teachers are teaching because it makes me want to keep trying and pushing myself. TABLE OF CONTENT Now a days not much motivates me to learn(at school) simply because I know that a piece of paper controls my entire future. Some of the different characteristics a online learner will display during their studies may vary from student to student. Organizing your desk so that everything you need is within reach is a great way to get a head start on your study session. I am motivated by my own personal career goals and what I want out of life, and good grades are a must in the competitive path i have chosen for myself. So, the due dates give me a set standard of when something needs to be done. What motivates me the most is when I have a wide range of options to choose from when I’m doing projects and presentations. I come to school so I’m not bored even though I’m bored most of the time. If you know what motivates you, it is a good sign that you know about what you want out of a job. IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION ON ORGANISATION PERFORMANCE: They continue to say that a song has the power to motivate studying because it causes a spirit of optimism that evokes the powerful feeling of being able to accomplish anything. Instead of forcing the stereotypical way of life down their throat, show them why they should care. People often find it helps to think back to a time in their past when they felt really excited and committed to doing something that they wanted to do, and remember the toughest part in studying is getting started. data-ad-client=”ca-pub-5508102205448807″ You could create a small list you can refer to when you need a boost. I don’t learn very well when i am not interested in it. This study will be carried out at Coca-Cola Kwanza Company limited at Dar es Salaam Tanzania. I believe the same. Motivation is a survival tool. benefits of having a motivated workforce, as well...... ...viewpoint is the "emphasized the importance of understanding human behavior and of motivating employees toward achievement". what motivates me to learn is my future ,my career, and my parents. Munsterberg research help leads to the field of industrial psychology, which is the study of human behavior in the workplace. I, as a student, find it hard to get motivated if the teacher isn’t motivated themselves. It could change my opportunities given to me now and in the future. the remaining employees has also increased over the last six months. I am motivated to learn because if I have bad grades my parents wont let me do fun stuff like sports or hangout with friends. BY #RiceCube$. Mr. Arensmeyer slips jokes into his lessons and makes us laugh. Not only is it rewarding for accomplishing the task, but also rewarding because I am doing something I love. Nothing motivates me to learn, but I do see a benefit from learning and that hopefully is much wealth. What motivates me to learn is getting good grades, hands on projects, and also independent learning projects. How do I motivate myself to study? Motivation is different for everyone around the world the drive each of feels stems from different places. Ms. Ruddock, is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had because she’s so passionate about what she teaches, it’s always exciting to learn.

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