95 $173.95 $ 173. However, the Modway 14-inch Jenna mattress has taller springs, measuring at 10-inches in length. Manufacturer: Modway. However, you may notice a factory-like smell emanating from your mattress, similar to a new-car smell. Jenna Innerspring Mattress, Queen: Overall Product Dimensions: 80"L x 60"W x 10"H. Enjoy rejuvenating sleep with the Jenna 10” Innerspring Mattress. If you’re a side sleeper looking for a new pillow, then try the Modway Hotel Aveline shredded memory foam pillow. Many stomach sleepers find that memory foam mattresses are too soft on the pillowtop, making them sink into the bed which places extra strain on their neck, disrupting spinal alignment. This does not cost our readers anything, to learn more please visit our Disclosure page. Since less than 10-percent of people sleep in this position, most manufacturers don’t cater to producing products for people that sleep in this position. Complete with a quilted polyester tight-top surface, Jenna relieves pressure on hips, back, and shoulders, while delivering a smooth and even feel night after night. It comes with a diamond stretch-knit cover that enhances airflow through the mattress while not interrupting the normal movement of your bedsheets. You get a cool and refreshing sleep, without waking up feeling hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. Qty: Free delivery. The mattress springs into position and starts to expand. Memory Foam Mattress Covered In A Soft Aloe Vera Fabric, 8", Queen. 4. Stomach sleeping is the least common sleeping position, with less than 10-percent of the world’s population using this style. Responsive to the needs of the side, back, and stomach sleeping styles, Jenna s 9.84 tall coils come padded underneath three layers of foam for … Modway Jenna 10" Full Innerspring Mattress. A quality mattress with excellent motion transfer will allow an individual to remain asleep undisturbed should their partner decide to get out of bed. About this product. This “hotel-quality” pillow features a shredded memory foam construction, with a gel infusion. Side sleeping is the most common sleeping style after back-sleeping. This mattress is quite firm, however the pillow top offers sleepers a soft comfortable top to sleep on, Unfortunately, this mattress cannot be used with an adjustable bed frame. Responsive to the needs of the side, back, and stomach sleeping styles, Jenna’s 8.5” tall coils come padded underneath two layers of foam for maximum comfort. It’s far better for the VOCs to gas off in the factory than in your home. 2. Complete with a quilted polyester tight-top surface, Jenna … In this position, the knees are together, or the top knee may be slightly in front or behind the other. The mattress will arrive compressed and rolled into a box. Are you waking up with a stiff neck, and you don’t feel refreshed after a night’s sleep? Average Rating: (0.0) stars out of 5 stars Write a review. During the manufacturing process, mattresses receive glue on the seams and inner layers of the bed to keep things together. Gel-infused memory foam provides maximum airflow. Take the box to the room where the mattress will be used, Carefully open the box and place the mattress onto the bedframe, Unroll the mattress and remove the plastic covering, Open room windows to air out the new mattress smell. However, the build quality of this mattress is exceptional, and we think that it should provide remarkable service life that far exceeds its warranty. $302. How does the Modway Jenna stack up to your sleeping position, read through the review below to help you make an informed purchase decision. The Modway Jenna Innerspring mattress is very easy to set up. The gel-infusion in the top layer provides excellent airflow, allowing you to stay cool on a warm night, with no overheating. East coast. The springs help you avoid the sag of memory foam, especially when getting out of bed. Manufacturers rate their mattress firmness on a scale of 1 to 10, and the Modway Jenna falls into the range of a 6 to 7 for the 10-inch model, and a 5 to 6 for the 14-inch mattress. More delivery & pickup options. This hybrid mattress offers the comfort of memory foam, with the support of individually-wrapped innersprings for ideal weight distribution. … Extra-firm feel to the memory foam gives excellent support for side sleepers. The Modway Jenna Innerspring mattress is available in 3 different heights, 8 inches, 10 inches and 14 inches. Jenna is a firm innerspring mattress that avoids the sag and sink of foam and air mattresses, and ships compressed and rolled into a box for easy delivery. 329 Wyckoff Mills Rd Hightstown, NJ 08520. Kate 6" Full Mattress. The dense memory foam found in the 7-inch base layer gives you optimal spinal alignment and support while you sleep. $274 $328. King. The outer fabric is made of 100% Polyester. Some users with allergies report gassing-off period for between 24 to 48-hours. As a result of their sleeping position, side-sleepers place a tremendous amount of pressure on the bottom hip and shoulder, resulting in posture problems and hip displacement. The gel allows more airflow through the pillow, keeping your neck and face cool while you sleep. tall coils come padded underneath two layers of foam for maximum comfort. Rayon is a super-breathable material that amplifies the cooling effect of the soft memory foam top layer. Responsive to the needs of the side, back, and stomach sleeping styles, Jenna’s 9.84” tall coils come padded underneath three layers of foam for maximum comfort. If you don’t have the budget for a memory foam mattress, but want the same levels of comfort, support, and quality, consider going with a hybrid mattress that’s a fraction of the cost of a memory foam model. West Coast. It may take up to 72-hours for the bed to reach its full thickness. 3. However, this isn’t a big issue for us, considering that the manufacturer provides a warranty with your purchase. Emma Soft Mattress. The Modway way Jenna is available in several sizes: Narrow Twin, Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. If you have questions about Modway or any other Mattresses for sale, our customer service team is eager to help. Jenna features individually wrapped pocket coils that isolate motion between sleeping partners. We think that the 10-inch model of the Jenna id ideal for stomach sleepers, but the 14-inch model may be a little too soft to provide optimal spinal alignment. Enjoy rejuvenating sleep with the Jenna 14” Innerspring Mattress. Green Tea Infused, Certipur … We did find that the 14-inch model felt like it had a much softer and luxurious pillow top. Modway Jenna 8" Innerspring Mattress, Full. Levels of firmness and support are possibly the most critical factors to evaluate when selecting a new mattress. Innerspring Mattresses / The 4-inch mattress features a luxuriously soft 0.5-inch memory foam layer, supported by 3.5-inches of dense memory foam in the base. Jenna features individually wrapped pocket coils that isolate motion between sleeping partners. One of the measures of a good mattress is motion transfer. Memory foam mattresses can cost a fortune, but a topper gives you a near-similar experience, at a fraction of the price. However, with the Modway Jenna, the bed retains similar properties to the 10-inch, without much change to firmness. $569. Modway ensures that all of these VOCs “gas-off” before they package your Jenna mattress. Back sleepers benefit from the best spinal alignment at bedtime, and they have the least amount of structural and joint issues related to pressure from the mattress. Queen. A 0.9-inch layer of “egg carton” foam sits on top of the springs providing a soft layer of contouring support that allows you to sink into the top layer of the mattress. 95. The polyester cover does its best, but we think that it lacks moisture wicking features, and could have better breathability to match the airflow of the gel-infused memory foam. Innerspring Mattresses Modway Jenna 14” Quilted Pillow Top Twin Innerspring Mattress – Individually Encased Pocket Coils $ 210.70. The Modway Jenna Mattress is available for both kids and adults; they have many available sizes such as Twin, Full, King, and Queen. Shop Modway Jenna 10 Full Innerspring Mattress online at Macys.com. Modway Jenna 14" Full Innerspring Mattress MOD-6083-WHI Enjoy rejuvenating sleep with the Jenna 14 Innerspring Mattress. $173.95 $ 173. … Hybrid models are accessible for people that prefer a lightweight mattress that has the same supportive characteristics as pure memory foam beds but at a cheaper price point. White. Looking at other hybrids, the Jenna is a match with the top products in this class, with a price tag that affordable for most couples. Innerspring Mattresses Modway Kate 6” Full Innerspring Mattress – Firm 6 Inch Full Innerspring Mattress- 10-Year Warranty $ 165.69. West Coast. The Aveline consists of two layers of memory foam to provide you with a relaxing and restorative night’s sleep. Jenna features individually wrapped pocket coils that isolate motion between sleeping partners. Aveline Mattress. Don’t buy a new mattress, revive it with a Modway topper. tall coils come padded underneath two layers of foam for maximum comfort. When these glues dry, they result in the production of volatile organic compounds, (VOCs.) $295 . The egg-carton foam layer also gets an additional 2-inches of thickness in the 14-inch model as well. Transform your innerspring bed into a memory foam hybrid. 15816 Santa Ana Ave Fontana, CA 92337.

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