A Theatre Manager Recruits And Manages Staff From The Box Office To Back Stage And Will Be Responsible For HR Processes Such As Training. Theater managers must also communicate with film distributors. The SM is in charge of ensuring all related parties in a stage production – be it theater or concert – are communicating effectively, on the same page, and able to work together to pull off the performance flawlessly. They traced it back to the beginning of films and found that people go to the movies to forget about their troubles. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Theater production managers, also known as PMs, are responsible for the success of the backstage operations of a theater. Movie theater managers have ticket sales goals as well, so they need to choose films that local audiences want to see in order to sell enough tickets. It would be hard to show you made a profit when you have to show flop movies. https://www.prospects.ac.uk/job-profiles/theatre-manager, https://study.com/articles/Theater_Manager_Job_Description_Duties_and_Career_Outlook.html, https://learning.nspcc.org.uk/safeguarding-child-protection/, You can list your training, outreach or funding opportunities for free and within minutes. Develop, review and carry out the theatre’s business plan, Plan and book a theatre programme ensuring a balance of varied types of productions and take note of which productions are well received, Liaise and negotiate with production companies to plan the programme of work, Ensure the theatre programme meets the needs of the business plan by monitoring it, Manage the budget and ensure you meet the financial and operational targets of the theatre, Lead a team of staff who are involved in areas such as finance and administration, Ensure the theatre meets requirements of legislation such as health and safety licensing laws and safeguarding children arrangements (the protection of children and protecting them from harm), Plan resources effectively and provide strong leadership to develop the theatre’s role in providing a cultural hub, Negotiate with any charities and/or funding bodies who are providing financial support to the theatre, Develop partnerships with other organisations, Stay up to date with developments and new productions, You will be dealing with the public, staff and other related companies, so excellent communication skills is essential, Business minded to ensure the theatre is profitable. Theatre production managers keep a production running smoothly by working as a liaison between the cast, crew, and director. Kenneth W. Michael Wills Last Modified Date: August 10, 2020 . What are the main responsibilities of a Front of House Manager? This employee usually works with other employees as ticket takers or concession stand staff, but leads the others. Theater managers oversee the administrative and production-related aspects of theaters. As we collect … They act as a link between the Theatre Manager, the production company and the rest of the company. You can become a Theatre Manager with a degree in any subject, however the subjects below would make you an ideal candidate for this role: Search for training opportunities in theatre management here. The salary of a Theatre Manager can vary depending on experience and the size of the theatre but a starting salary can range between £18k and £23k. The tech director creates working construction drawings that translate a set designer's idea into workable plans for the scenic crew. 31 32 33. They also are the director's representative during performances, making sure that the production runs smoothly. search for Theatre Manager roles using The Stage Jobs here. What Does a Stage Manager Do Working Theater Style Theatre. @pinkandred- Actually, when the U.S. experiences a recession, people go to the movies more. Description. What Does a Movie Theater Manager Do? Stage Management Imagination Stage Elizabeth Ung. Theater managers hire and manage employees, engage in marketing efforts to promote shows, organize show times, order concession foods. In large movie theaters, the theater manager may spend most of his or her work day in an office completing tasks such as record keeping, creating marketing materials and ordering snack foods for the concession. In larger theaters, managers may have an assistant who works on the front line instead. Reputation and the size of a theater will often determine the requirements to become a theater manager.For smaller theaters, a two-year degree and some experience might suffice, while for prestigious theaters for the performing arts might require a graduate degree, in addition to experience working with various aspects of theater. One of the most vital skills you can have as a theater manager is the ability to hire, train, and manage competent staff members to keep the theater running smoothly.

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